Advisory Board

In December 2010 Mawson formed an Advisory Board to counsel the Company's CEO and corporate Board of Directors in matters related to continuing exploration and development of its Nordic exploration projects.

At this time the Advisory Board consists of:

Ms. Georgina Carnegie

Ms. Georgina Carnegie focuses on geo-political assessment and co-investment strategies. She has held senior positions in the Australian government and the insurance and resource sectors. She is a Member of the Board of the Australia Korea Foundation, and has consulted to the World Bank and AMP Private Capital. She authored the first Investment Guide to the Lao PDR. She has worked in at the OECD and recently retired from the Advisory Committee to the Emerging Markets Network of the OECD. Georgina has interviewed presidents, global business leaders, and cultural figures for The Analecta. She holds a bachelor's degree in Economics from Monash University, a Masters from Harvard University and was a Member of Council of the Australian National University for three terms.

Gil Leathley

Gil Leathley brings over 50 years of senior experience encompassing all aspects of international mining operations. Between the periods of 1975 to 2000, Mr. Leathley was the driving force in overseeing the development of six major operating mines on behalf of Noranda Mining, Corona Resources and Homestake Mining. Strategic development included the Golden Giant, Jolu, Eskay Creek, Santa Fe, Ruby Hill and Nickel Plate mines. During his tenure, he held various senior management and operating positions, ranging from Mine Superintendent and General Manager to Senior Vice President, and Chief Operating Officer. His responsibilities included overseeing mine development and operations with work forces of up to 2,500 employees. As a noted specialist in operational economics and company finances, he also played a key leadership role in the evaluation of acquisitions and the integration of acquisitions with the various parent companies. Mr. Leathley served as a director of Mawson from December 2007 to March 2016.

Dr Erkki Vanhanen

Dr Erkki Vanhanen graduated from a Master of Science in Geology and Mineralogy in 1981 and completed his PhD in Geology and Mineralogy in 2001. Both degrees were completed at the University of Oulu. Dr Vanhanen's professional experience has primarily been in gold and uranium exploration for 25 years including 15 years generating, implementing and managing exploration projects in the field. He spent 3 years with Areva Resources Finland Oy and AREVA NC as Technical Director and exploration geologist and 23 years with the Geological Survey as Finland, with a final role as Division Manager, Bedrock and Raw Materials. Dr. Vanhanen served as Mawson's Exploration Manager in Scandinavia and chief geologist from 2010 until his retirement in 2018.